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Prevention Mutuals

Questions and uncertainties often surround Prevention Mutuals. Concerned about their nature and real impact on Occupational Health and Safety performance? Want to understand how your current mutual measures your OHS performance? Or perhaps you simply want to take full advantage of the benefits offered by a Prevention Mutual? No matter your concerns, Lussier’s health and safety experts are qualified to assist you. 

  • Workplace prevention, prevention audits, coaching and training.
  • Development and adjustment of prevention programs and any other work procedures required by the CNESST or current regulations.
  • Assistance in setting up a due diligence defense and legal representation before the Court of Quebec.
  • Handling of CNESST files, communication with CNESST, summons to medical assessments, legal representation before the Tribunal administratif du travail.
  • Training and information on all OHS aspects related to your sector.
  • Actuarial analysis of your CNESST contribution and its effects.
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