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Occupational Health & Safety
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Occupational Health and Safety – Prevention, Management and Financing

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The health and safety of workers has become a real concern for everyone, and even more so during this period of health emergency.

Do the level of your occupational health and safety contributions seem high to you? Would you like for your efforts in preventing workplace accidents to be recognized?

Whether you have questions about the application of these measures or for any issue related to the prevention or management of your claims or OHS financing, Lussier helps employers position themselves as leaders in Occupational Health and Safety. Our approach consists of proposing simple solutions that meet the employer’s specific needs.

Occupational Health and Safety Consulting Services

Support from an occupational health and safety advisor in the management of your work accident files.

Consisting of a group of employers who choose to engage in a process to promote the prevention of occupational injuries, the rehabilitation and return to work of injured workers, with a view to benefiting from occupational health and safety rates that reflect their efforts, as defined by the CNESST.

Identify the risks and corrective measures to be implemented within your company. In this way, you ensure compliance from a legal and regulatory point of view. This is done using the method advocated by CNESST, i.e. “Identify, Correct and Control”.

Development of different occupational health and safety policies in relation to the different activities carried out and according to the risks identified within your company. The policies are designed to comply with the various occupational health and safety standards, laws and regulations.

Analysis of your company’s occupational health and safety documentation, workplaces and culture.

Understand the different aspects of occupational health and safety. To do this, we have a complete training catalogue on the subject.

Actuarial services are available and can be adapted to your needs.

Our team of doctors is available to provide the medical expertise you need to manage
your workers’ compensation or disability files.

Intervention of an investigator when a complaint of psychological or sexual harassment is filed. The investigator will carry out all of the steps involved in managing a complaint.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding Occupational Health and Safety.