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Understanding Prevention Mutuals

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Prevention Mutual

What is a prevention mutual?

A prevention mutual is a group of employers recognized by the CNESST who, through a collective effort in prevention and sustained management of workplace health and safety, manage to benefit from an advantageous collective rate structure that takes into account the payroll, benefits and performance of all employers in the same prevention mutual.

What are the benefits of a prevention mutual? 

1. The protection of your contribution rate and the possibility of significant savings on your contributions.

Participation in a prevention mutual group protects your rate by acting as a kind of insurance, since any claims within your company are covered by the prevention mutual group as a whole, thus avoiding an increase in your contribution rate.
In addition, your rate is not only protected from increases, but is also expected to benefit from savings based on the experience of the prevention mutual. Savings can be as much as 50% gradually over the four years following your enrolment in the prevention mutual, provided, of course, that you belong to a prevention mutual that offers good returns, hence the importance of understanding and comparing different offers.

2. A workplace health and safety expert will support you and take charge of the health and safety aspects of your business.

A good health and safety partner should offer you the following services:

  • Workplace prevention, prevention audits, coaching and mentoring.
  • Development and updating of the prevention program and any other work procedures required by the CNESST or any other interested party.
  • Support in the implementation of a due diligence defense.
  • Handling of CNESST files, communication with the CNESST, summoning of medical experts, representation before the various contestation bodies.
  • Training and information on all health and safety aspects related to your sector.
What are the key stages and dates for joining or changing a prevention mutual?

The deadline for notifying the CNESST of a desire to join or change a prevention mutual group is September 30, for a change to take effect on January 1 of the following year. You cannot join or withdraw from a prevention mutual group during the year. CNESST manages prevention mutuals from January 1 to December 31.
If you are already covered by a prevention mutual group and would like to change, it is important to note that most managers impose a deadline on the contractual agreement to indicate your desire not to renew your participation in their prevention mutual group. Some require notice by June 30 of the previous year.