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Well Studied, Well Insured!

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Protect Yourself

To avoid paying high insurance premiums, you may be tempted, like many young people, to borrow your parents' car "from time to time". In this case, It is important that your parents declare you as an occasional driver to their insurer. 

Think long term: if you make a lot of trips and become the de facto primary user of the vehicle, you should be listed as the primary driver. Not only will you get the insurance coverage you need, but you'll also start building your good credit and driving record.

Ask your Parent’s Insurer (and others!) for a Quote

When you ask for a quote, specify that you are a student and don't forget to consult the same company as your parents. You may get a preferred or family rate. Note that insurance prices vary according to many criteria: choice of vehicle, use of the vehicle (number of kilometers driven), place of residence or territory of use of the vehicle, etc.

Lussier’s car insurance brokers can help you find the right protection for your unique needs. 

Be Modest

Happy to have your license and be in school? Yes, but don't forget to be reasonable in your choice of vehicle. A sports car will cost you more in insurance.

Given your age and inexperience, choose a car that won’t break the bank, such as a Toyota Yaris or Hyundai Accent. 

And Most Importantly: Drive Well!

To keep your insurance premium low over the years, you need to demonstrate that you are a good driver. Follow the rules, build your experience and you will be rewarded! Ban the use of cell phones while driving at all costs, a real scourge along with speeding, drugs and alcohol. Responsible driving is also the best way to stay alive. After all, what could be more important?