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Properly Maintaining your Snowmobile

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The Trailer 

Remember to check the condition of your trailer at the beginning of the season!

  • Wheel bearings (ball bearings) and lubrication
  • Tire pressure (don't forget the spare!)
  • Electrical system of the trailer
  • Condition of the cylinders (if you have a trailer with a sunroof)
  • Inspection and lubrication of the hitch

To do: 

  • Remove the spark plugs
  • Disassemble and clean carburetors
  • Visually check the flapper valves (also known as the reed valve, rotary valve or piston wall valve)
  • Remove and clean engine exhaust valves
  • Change oil filters
  • Adjust the chain by removing the safety pin and tightening by hand (do not use tools, you could wear out the chain prematurely)
  • Start the engine: check the condition of the headlights, the handles and the heating thumb as well as the dials
  • Make sure the license plate is in the right place 

To Check:

  • Fuel lines: they can dry out and cause fuel leaks
  • Fuel pumps are working properly
  • Coolant: proper level and freeze resistance (for maximum performance, add pure antifreeze to water and follow the directions on the bottle)
  • Skis: make sure they are smooth and aligned
  • The track: cleats, rubber that makes up the track, ball bearings, suspension arms and springs, limiting belts and finally the wear of the slides
  • Visually inspect the engine: base, cylinders and seals
  • Clutch: check the crankshaft seal for leaks
  • Examine the starter cord, even if you have an electric starter
  • Rotate the track to check its alignment
And finally...

Don't forget to inspect your clothes! An open seam at the end of a glove or a hole in your socks could definitely ruin your first cold weather ride!

If this list makes you wary or if mechanics are not your thing, never forget that the safest thing to do is to entrust these tasks to your dealer, who will be able to guarantee you a snowmobile in perfect working order!

Now you're ready to hit the trails in complete safety. Have a good ride!