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Buying a Snowmobile: New or Used?

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Buying a snowmobile, new or used, requires a bit of research before making a choice. Prices can vary from one model to another and it is perfectly acceptable to opt for a used snowmobile to save money.

Here are a few tips that will guide you to the best choice for your needs.

Used Snowmobile 
  1. Do your research: Check the seller's sales frequency, the maintenance performed on the snowmobile you want, the number of seasons of use, the number of hours of operation and the mileage. Also ask if the vehicle is still under warranty and finally, compare prices on used car sales sites such as Kijiji, Les Pacs, etc.
  2. Set a budget, then negotiate: The art of negotiation is alive and well in the used snowmobile market. Asking the right questions and properly assessing the true value of the machine will ensure that you get a fair price.
  3. Trust your instincts and first impressions: Don't be afraid to do a thorough visual inspection of the snowmobile. If the exterior is bad, the engine is probably bad too...
  4. Ask for a list of previous owners: You can learn a lot about your future snowmobile by looking at its ownership history. It may tell you what kind of maintenance has been done or under what conditions the vehicle has been used.
  5. Compression test: Have a compression test done on the snowmobile's cylinders. It's quick, inexpensive and a good indicator of engine wear and remaining life.
New Snowmobile
  1. Do your research: A quick search on the Internet will lead you to forums where experienced snowmobilers give advice and report on their purchasing experience.
  2. Study the market: In the years following a season with low snow accumulations, there may be a resurgence in snowmobile sales. Sometimes these are new snowmobiles that were not sold the previous year and could be purchased at a lower cost, still with warranties and all the benefits. Also watch for spring discounts that coincide with the end of the snowmobile season.
  3. Warranties and protections: Dealerships often offer financing, which is a considerable advantage when buying a new vehicle.
  4. A snowmobile for your specific needs: If you are buying your first snowmobile, start by becoming familiar with the general handling of the vehicle. This will allow you to define your style and adapt it for your next purchase.
  5. Test drive: There are several shops throughout Quebec that offer the opportunity to see all the new models in one place, and test drive the ones you choose!

New or used snowmobile, let Lussier take care of your insurance. Contact us now to enjoy the trails with peace of mind!