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The Winter Tires That you Need

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The End of the Transition Period

In Quebec, the regulation on the use of tires specifically designed for winter driving came into effect in 2008. The transitional period between 2008 and 2014 was intended to allow owners of passenger vehicles who must purchase winter tires to look for those bearing the pictogram in order to meet the definition that comes into effect this year.

This regulation applies to all vehicles known as "passenger vehicles", i.e: 

  • A motor vehicle equipped for the transportation of not more than nine occupants at a time, when such transportation does not require a permit from the Commission des transports du Québec. 
  • With some exceptions, the gross weight rating of a passenger vehicle is generally less than 4500 kg, or approximately 9,920 pounds. 
Good to Know!

You may have noticed the "M+S" marking on your tires, which stands for Mud and Snow. But be aware that this symbol alone does not guarantee that you have a winter tire. M+S tires are developed to handle the following conditions: road temperatures below 7°C, very wet, damp, snowy or icy roads. 

Remember that only the pictogram representing a snowflake and a mountain guarantees a winter tire according to Quebec regulations. This label was established by American and Canadian manufacturers, and all tires bearing this symbol can be classified as "winter tires".

For more information on the new regulations, visit the Ministère des Transports website.

Happy winter driving!