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The Road to an RV Vacation

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Ready Since the Beginning of the Year

Unlike last year, in 2021, people have planned ahead. They want to be sure they’ll be away from the hassles of home this summer. For this reason, since February, orders have been steady at specialty dealerships. For example, if in February 2020 some of them had five sales, they accumulated no less than seven times more for the month of February of this year. Everyone wants their RV, which means that even the manufacturers are not supplying the demand.

Presumably, the ban on travel outside the country has something to do with it. These fully-equipped little cocoons are the joy of families who dream of parking and enjoying the great outdoors.

A Bubble of Pleasure for Family Entertainement

Families are happy to have an outing where both parents and children can enjoy themselves. Some escape the daily routine, while others reconnect with nature.

The closeness that the RV allows is also noteworthy. We enjoy cooking meals together on the grill, baking marshmallows over the crackling campfire and sleeping nearby.

And what about the many amenities that can be found directly in the trailers and motorhomes? Showers, spacious central kitchen with island, double sink, sofa, storage, table, appliances and more. Real little houses on wheels! A model that retails for about $25,000 will be able to accommodate two adults and two to three children.

A New Way of Life

Although for many Quebecers, camping is a must every summer, a whole new clientele is becoming interested. In fact, the province’s retailers have noted that approximately 50% of clients are currently people who are trying camping for the very first time.

Are you one of the many people who will be travelling around Quebec in an RV this summer?

Before you leave, consider insuring your vehicle. Contact your insurance broker to find out about the best coverage available.

To you, the most beautiful campgrounds!