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Choosing the Right RV for you

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Here are a few things to consider that may help you decide on the purchase you are about to make.

1. Money: The Key to Success

Set a budget and stick to it. This will keep your wallet happy and help you decide whether to buy a new or used RV. Also, when planning your budget, remember to factor in the maintenance, storage and insurance costs that you will have to pay annually. Don't hesitate to ask our brokers for advice on insurance costs.

2. Wilderness or Luxury Camping, Nomadic or Sedentary?

Are you going to stay in one place for the whole season or are you going to travel? A tent-trailer may not be ideal if you decide to stay in one place for a whole season, just as a large motorhome is probably not ideal for a wooded campground.

3. Think About your Car

If you are going for a towed RV, find out the maximum capacity your car can tow. Be careful, the towing capacity of a vehicle must take into account the weight of all passengers, luggage and your RV. For more information, visit the SAAQ website.

4. Lively Family Camping or a Lover's Getaway 

Overcrowding is not for everyone. Everyone needs a little space of their own, even when camping. How many people will occupy the RV? How many beds will you need? Will you need or even want to have one or more closed rooms?

5. Sunday Camper or Camping Fanatic

For some people, camping is a way of life and their RV is a second home. For them, the season starts in mid-April and ends as late as possible. If this is your case, look for an RV with a high insulation factor, especially if you are camping in Quebec.

To help you make the best decision possible, visit several dealerships or the RV show to see the different models and brands offered. In addition, the Internet is full of sites, forums and other specialized blogs dedicated to RVing. You will find useful tips and comments from knowledgeable campers.

Here are some suggested sites dedicated to camping and caravanning: