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Let’s Talk Insurance

The technicalities used in insurance terms are not meant to complicate our lives. Rather, they are meant to help us better understand their legal scope. Conscious of this fact, insurance stakeholders are increasingly providing more resources to help the insured get a clearer understanding. 

An Online Glossary

To help you better understand the most commonly used technical terms in insurance, Lussier is happy to provide you with a continiuously updated online glossary.

I'm Calling my Broker for Help!

Online resources are great, but nothing beats calling your broker ! 

While you can certainly find the answers to your questions online, such as ‘’What is liability insurance?’’, be wary of your sources of information. On the internet, many unreliable forums exist where users can express themselves freely, with or without fact-checking first. Your insurance representative remains your most trustworthy source of information! 

When in doubt, Lussier is here for you. Contact us today!