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How to Avoid Having to Get Your Boat Towed

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Luckily, for any non-peaceful events that may occur mid-sail, Lussier’s boat towing referral service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- our assistance team will provide you with the necessary referrals for having your boat towed to safety.

Keep reading to find out the top reasons why boaters need to call for a tow, and how to avoid making these mistakes in order to sail with peace of mind.

Gas Problems 

Fuel-related issues account for a big proportion of calls received for boat towing, according to Says their captain Mike DeGenaro: “The gauges are all different. Know your average fuel burn usage per hour and track your hours of use in-between fill-ups. Additionally, take the weather into account, and go by the Rule of Thirds: use one third of the tank going out, one third to get back, and keep one-third in reserve.”

Sea Tow also recommends putting 100% ethanol-free gasoline in your gas-powered boat’s tank whenever possible; if boaters do insist on using ethanol fuel,  try using a fuel additive, as well as all ethanol-resistant fuel components.

Planning Ahead

Leaving the dock with a sailing plan, as opposed to making it up along the way has a direct bearing on whether or not you will need marine assistance along your nautical journey. Be sure to think through your trip. Whether it’s a day-trip, an overnighter, or a longer voyage, online charting allows you to run a route at home, virtually, before doing it on the boat. You can look at alternative routes and the time spent underway—which helps to determine fuel needs, time spent at the helm, expected boat traffic, what other equipment you’ll need, and thoughts on a Plan B in case of emergency. Once you create this plan, it’s important you stick to it. ( Rest assured that Lussier is behind you throughout your entire boat experience- our marine assistance program can even provide you with a detailed, personalized marine itinerary delivered in hard copy, SD memory card or email!

Educate Yourself before Setting Sail

Educating yourself on everything to do with your boat, especially if you’re a newcomer on the water, will often make the difference between needing assistance and identifying problems ahead of time and knowing how to fix them. Make sure you know your boat’s system inside-out; know how the battery switches work, how many batteries you have, and how you can use or wire them in parallel in case they run out of juice. Boating safety courses are always a plus, and so is going out on the water with a more experienced boater before taking on more challenging cruises by yourself.

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