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The Right Protection for your Boat

Connect with a broker

What better way to prepare yourself than to know the questions your broker will ask you in order to determine your quote? This list will also allow you to compare different proposals with full knowledge of the facts.

1. Equipment: Cover all the Bases

One summer morning, a boater hits an object on the surface of the water. This object causes significant damage to the hull, the engine and the engine stand: damage insurance will cover the damage to your boat, but also to the equipment attached to it.

It is therefore important to make a list of these items:

  • Boat
  • Main and auxiliary engine(s)
  • Trailer
  • Cradle (support for storage or handling out of the water)
  • Elevation system
  •  Dinghy
  • Tender engine
  • Electronic equipment
2. Check your Civil Liability Limit (Amount in $)

While picnicking on a lake, a boater accidentally hits a bather. The latter suffers bodily injuries: the civil liability insurance will cover any claims. Check the amount of coverage indicated in your contract.

3. Specify your Sailing Territory

In 2016, a boater went sailing in the Caribbean, with his broker's approval. This year, he will sail only on the St. Lawrence River and will not cross any borders. This is worth mentioning, as the risk involved is different and any marine insurance contract specifies the sailing location covered. Be sure to communicate your plans to your broker in order to obtain the appropriate coverage.

4. Do you have Access to Marine Assistance? 

A yachtsman wants to sail to Cape Cod, but doesn't know where to stop on the American coast. Some insurances give access to additional assistance services that can be very useful, such as, for example, assistance in establishing a travel itinerary or the provision of a reference for a tow.  This is a significant advantage for safe navigation.

In conclusion, in order to avoid surprises and inconveniences, do not hesitate to consult a professional specialized in marine insurance, who will help you make an informed decision based on your needs.