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Before Going on Vacation, Consider Travel Insurance

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The Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) covers professional services needed while outside the province of Quebec, in case of an accident or sudden illness during your vacation. However, it is important to note that in most cases, only a fraction of the costs are covered and at Quebec rates.

Accident/Illness Fees (CAD $) RAMQ Reimbursement Traveller's cost
Twisted ankle in the U.S 509 $ 41 $ 468 $
Compressed vertebrae in Mexico - air transportation required 38 883 $ 500 $ 38 383 $

And so, a twisted ankle suffered in the United States will cost you 509$. The RAMQ’s reimbursement will not exceed 41$. If you suffer a compressed vertebrae in Mexico, which will require air transportation to Quebec, it will cost you 38,883$; the RAMQ will only reimburse you 500$ of that.

If you do not have a personal insurance policy to pay for the difference, your vacation could quickly turn into a nightmare. But how to choose the proper insurance policy?

Some credit cards include travel insurance policies that are standard products and apply to a limited number of days travelled. They cover medical care and hospital stays outside Quebec when their costs exceed the RAMQ’s limits.

It is important to verify the conditions of said policies, their deductibles, their exclusions and limitations on conditions related to age or pre-existing health conditions.

A personal travel insurance plan is suited to fit your needs during the entirety of your trip. It covers basic health care, accidents, cancellation and/or shortage of your trip, and assisted voyage in the case of emergencies.

Do not allow unforeseen circumstances ruin your vacation. Consult Lussier's travel insurance experts today!