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Five ways to prepare for your next road trip

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1. Plan your route and your stops

GPS-enabled apps will display map distances. You can then determine the number of stopovers. Pay close attention to the proposed routes, however, as you may want to opt for the more scenic routes rather than the faster ones. If you drive an electric vehicle, look out for charging stations along the way.

2. Prepare your vehicle

Long journeys are hard on your car. So, check certain components, such as tire pressure and condition (including the spare), windshield wipers, fluids and lubricants, and battery level.

3. Carry a first aid kit for your car

It should include jumper cables, a portable power pack, flashlight, blanket, windshield washer, rags, whistle, flares and some basic tools (gloves, pliers, multi-tipped screwdrivers, scissors or penknife, self-locking fasteners and tape).

4. And importantly, a first aid kit for you and your loved ones

This should include plastic gloves, antiseptic towels, adhesive bandages, a thermometer, saline solution, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and bandages. In addition to person-specific medications, consider medication for itching and irritation, allergies, pain and fever, stomach aches, infections and motion sickness.

5. Check your insurance

As your vehicle will be travelling outside its usual zone, contact your insurer to ensure that it is adequately protected. If you're traveling abroad, consider travel insurance.