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Go on a trip with peace of mind this summer

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Do I need travel insurance for a short trip? 

For many, this is a question they ask themselves when leaving home for less than three days. However, it's essential to have adequate Travel Insurance when you leave Quebec. It can help you avoid having to pay out large sums in the event of accident or illness, trip cancellation or interruption, and covers you for baggage delays, loss or theft, for example. Group workplace Insurance and Credit Card Insurance usually cover short trips. Inquire about their duration and coverage.

Do I need to insure a rented car?

Yes, car rental is often an option on vacation trips. Several options are available: 

  • Increase the amount invested in Civil Liability on your Car Insurance; start by checking whether you have the endorsement that covers vehicle rental on your Car Insurance contract to see if it's already covered;
  • Protect yourself through your credit company if you finalize the booking with this method of payment according to the limitations of your contract;
  • Purchase insurance from the rental company. This option is often more expensive, however, as it is calculated on the basis of the driver's age, rental location and vehicle model.

Insurance requirements may vary depending on the country in which you rent your car. Check with your insurer to be sure.

What about your health?

Outside the country, especially in the U.S., in the event of emergency treatment or surgery, costs can mount up quickly. You need Emergency Medical Insurance, and if you have to cancel your trip because of health problems, add Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Baggage Loss coverage to your insurance contract, if not already included.
Alternatively, if you travel frequently, for business or pleasure, take out an annual Travel Insurance policy more suited to your needs. It will cover all your trips out of the country in the same year.

Don't let the unexpected ruin your vacation. Find out more about the protection we offer.