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Do you Really Need to Save?

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Good news: According to a study conducted by Universitas, about three quarters of Quebec residents set money aside in 2016. 64% of families invested in an RRSP, 47% in a TFSA, and 45% in an RESP. During a time where financial planning is widespread, these positive results indicate that most families anticipate post-secondary education for their children, which will allow for them to benefit from RESPs.

Why Save?

Of course, every investor has distinct reasons to save. Here were the top four reasons why Quebecers put money aside in 2016:

4 reasons QC put money aside in 2016
Mitigated Risk Tolerance

Investors over the age of 55 are focused primarily on their retirement funds, yet only 9% of them admit to being ready to accept the risk of losing money now in order to generate higher returns in the future. On the contrary, long-term savings remains the priority amongst investors between the ages of 18-34, whom are less risk-averse than their older counterparts.

Amongst the different investment vehicles available, TFSAs and RRSPs remain the most popular, while RESPs have been gaining increasing notoriety over the past several years.

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