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Advice for a First-Time Boat Buyer

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I want a Boat, Now What?

1 Choose your boat type:  Boats are specialized, so the one you purchase should be largely determined by the activities you enjoy doing on water. For example, if all you intend on using your boat for is leisurely fishing afternoons, you wouldn’t purchase the same boat as you would if you enjoyed extreme water sports such as wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Ask yourself if you want a boat that you can put on a trailer and haul from waterway to waterway? Are you purchasing a boat for the sole purpose of entertaining guests with cocktails at sunset? Each of these is a valid reason to buy a boat, and each will lead you to a different one.

2 Determine whether you would like to buy new or used: After looking on your own, you will learn that there are many used boats available at much lower prices than brand new. The good news is that fiberglass and aluminum don’t rot like traditional wood, so these boats are built to last a while.

Similar to buying a used car, buying a used boat could save you money upfront. However, it could also increase the chances of hidden/visible problems with the boat. Be sure to conduct a thorough inspection before purchasing.

3 Narrow down your options: After hours of researching, it could be extremely frustrating to fall in love with an online photo of a boat only for it to disappoint you in person.

Here are some tips to help you weed out the ones that could possibly lead to a letdown:

  • Compare the listing that you are interested in to other listings of the same model to determine whether your seller is omitting important details that could dissapoint you in person;
  • If available, check for previous seller reviews to get an overall sense of the business that is about to be conducted;
  • Beware of boats that come with a lot of additional and unecessary accessories that may require additional upkeep, such as out-dated electronics. 

4 Before purchase, conduct a walk around and sea trial: How thoroughly should you inspect your boat before purchase? Firstly, start with walking around the boat to see if anything strikes you as out of the ordinary upon first glance.

Next, go for a sea trial to see if you actually enjoy the boat while underway. After the sea trial and before purchase, it is important to haul the boat out of water; a lot can be hidden under water, and what is invisible above surface could be crucial to your safety and enjoyment.

5 Close the deal: Buying a boat can be both exciting and emotional: make sure to set all irrational feelings aside with negotiating a price and completing paperwork. Remember, the more in love you are with the boat (or appear to be), the higher the price you will pay for it!

Can you Also Help me Sell my Boat?

Of course! Lussier can provide you with an estimate of the current market value of the boat that you no longer wish to keep.

For more information on buying or selling a boat before the summer, contact us today!