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Is your Boat a Shelter for Unwanted Pests?

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These cute little stowaways can cause some very annoying damage to your boat. For example, rats, mice or field mice often attack electrical installations. In addition to material damage, the presence or traces left by these creatures can be harmful to human health.

In order to prevent invasions, it is therefore preferable to thoroughly inspect your boat in order to identify every crevice and other available access points through which these undesirable animals could infiltrate. A hole as big as a quarter is enough for a mouse to sneak in!

As a preventive measure, here are 5 useful storage tips to combat these four-legged guests (and more!):

  1. To discourage small rodents, take special care to clean your boat when storing it to remove any food or water residue. 
  2. Plug all holes and openings that could become an entry point for rodents.
  3. Install a cover that fits your boat perfectly, such as plastic film (or other).
  4. Place a few mothballs in closets and other strategic places on the boat; this will discourage some pests from seeking a welcoming shelter.
  5. If you know that neighboring boats have suffered this type of invasion or that your storage area is at risk, call a specialist who can help you take the right preventive actions.

Boat insurance comes in handy in the case of damage. However, not all insurance policies are created equal in this regard. The protection you get depends on the extent of the coverage you have on your policy, not only against fire, collision and theft, but also against damage caused by those lovely little visitors.

We therefore invite you to check your boat insurance coverage closely to avoid any unpleasant surprises that could delay or reduce your boating season.

To smooth sailing!