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Your Above-Ground Pool During Spring

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For above-ground pool owners, harsh winter conditions mean torn liners, sagging pool walls... The reason? In the spring, if melting snow accumulates around the pool, the waterlogged soil will expand and can lift the main structure of the pool. This uplift can create enough upward pressure to tear the liner at the ground joint. This will cause the liner to empty and the heavy, compacted ice layer on top will push the liner to the bottom and cause its loss.

Can your Above Ground Pool Withstand the Weather?

Is there a way to prevent the pool from breaking, to be able to swim as soon as the weather permits?

It is difficult to find a clear answer to this question! Some recommend clearing the snow, especially during the winter. From the outside, of course, because getting into the pool is really not an option - neither for the pool, nor for you.

Also, like all advice, be aware that some may not apply in particular situations or may vary depending on the type of installation, condition of the pool, etc.

Above All...Do Nothing!

In general, when spring arrives, Sylvain Brosseau, president of Burex building consultants, shares the following advice: "Do nothing!" 

According to him, it is not during spring that we must intervene to prevent our pool from breaking due to freezing and thawing. Instead, think about:

  • During the summer season, take the time to examine if there is any water accumulation around the pool. If so, correct the slopes of the land to keep the water away from your pool. In short, make sure the ground under the pool remains dry.
  • Prepare the pool according to the manufacturer's instructions when you close it at the end of the season.

Talk to your insurance broker to protect your pool from freeze-thaw damage as part of your home insurance.