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When Summer Rhymes with Cottage, Prepare Accordingly

Connect with a broker
Step 1: Meet With your Insurance Broker

If your future plans involve the purchase of a cottage, take the time to consult an expert who can answer your questions and guide you towards a plan adapted to your acquisition. Usually, it is recommended to deal with the same insurer for your permanent residence and your second residence. He or she already knows your file well and it will be easier for you to manage your claims with the same company.

Step 2: Choose the Right Insurance Contract

Depending on the length of occupancy and the frequency of your visits, the terms of the insurance contract may vary. For example, if you visit your cottage only during the summer season, you will not be able to enjoy as much protection as if you visited it regularly. It is also important not to neglect civil liability, which covers all aspects of your property that could damage your neighbours’ or visitors’ property. It also covers injuries that occur on your property.

In addition, in order to reduce the risks when leaving your second home for a short period of time, bring with you items of great value along with you. Finally, once the summer season is over, get ready for the winter season by:

  • Emptying the piping
  • Disconnecting electronic devices
  • Making sure all doors and windows are locked securely
  • Coming to visit the site regularly in the fall and spring
Step 3: Enjoy your Stay

Now that you have the necessary protection, you can fully enjoy your stay with your loved ones.  Here is even a list of activities you can enjoy with peace of mind:

  • Going for a walk in the woods
  • Swimming in the surrounding lakes
  • Dinner on your terrace with friends
  • Enjoying your pleasure craft

Remember that expert advice is always needed when it comes to insuring your property and protecting the people around you. If changes occur on your property that would result in changes to your contract, do not hesitate to contact your broker.

To spend a peaceful and hassle-free summer in your second home, call on one of our home insurance experts today!