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The Right Coverage for your Bike

While some people use their bikes for fun, such as family rides or sporting excursions, others use them daily as a means of transportation to get to the office.

Among these users, there are many die-hard fans: those who have a real passion for cycling and who invest time and money in this sport. And it's fair to say that acquiring a high-end, high-performance bike can sometimes be a real investment, with some two-wheelers costing up to 8,000 $. 

The Classic Bicycle

Today, most people are comfortable with including their bicycle as a personal property under their home insurance policy.This option is ideal for bikes worth a few hundred dollars.

The policy includes:

  • An overall reimbursement limit per bicycle or for all the family's bicycles, which can vary in the event of theft from 2,000 $ to 5,000 $ depending on the insurer. A deductible also applies according to the terms of the contract.
  • Reimbursement in case of collision with a vehicle or aircraft. However, breakage caused by a fall is excluded from the contract.
The High-End Bike

For a more valuable bike, it is best to discuss with your insurance broker in order to obtain a contract endorsement that will guarantee better protection against theft and accidents.

For an additional premium, this endorsement will cover the bike for a pre-established amount with an "all risks" coverage.

Have a good and safe summer on your bike!