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Residential Property Managers: Are you Ready for Winter?

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So where exactly should you start, what exactly should you be checking? Keep reading to discover!

Interior Railings and Stairs

  • Stair railings should be securely fastened, at the correct height, and have good surface condition.
  • Stair steps should be covered with non-slip coating.

Walls and Ceilings

  • Make sure that walls and ceilings are free of holes, cracks, stains or other signs of abnormal wear.

Smoke Detectors

  • Smoke detectors should sound functional (checked with the test button) and detect smoke (checked with a match or candle).


  • Baseboard heaters should have sufficient clearance (4″) and no objects too close.
  • Electrical connections in good condition.
  • Thermostats that work properly.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

  • There should be no burnt-out bulbs in common areas.
  • Lighting systems should not overheat.

Power Supply

  • Electrical panels and transformers should be free of obstructions and stored in a room that is locked at all times with a temperature setting of 18°C.

Evacuation Plan

  • A visible evacuation plan should be clearly indicated in the corridors of each floor of the apartment building. This is mandatory for buildings with 9 or more units and/or 3 or more floors.


  • Check that flooring seams are in good condition. Note that it is normal for hardwood floor boards to pull apart in the winter; this phenomenon will resolve itself once summer arrives.
  • Scraper grates and mats should be in front of the entrance doors.

Roof and Gutters

  • The roof should be watertight and free of sagging, soft spots and blisters. Remember to plan for regular snow removal during the winter to avoid heavy snow accumulation.
  • Also check for:

– Watertight pipes and ducts.

– Watertight metal flashings and joints.

– Eavestroughs that are watertight and cleaned of all residue and foliage.

– Downspouts that keep water away from the foundation at the outlet.


  • Ensure that your ventilation system is functional and routinely clean the system and filters. For this delicate maintenance, it is recommended to call an expert.

Landscaping and Garden Furniture

  • Snow fences should be installed to protect hedges, shrubs and young trees.
  • Outdoor furniture and games should be stored or protected by tarps.

Contact the team at Lussier to make sure you have the proper real estate insurance to protect you from whatever the winter months may bring!