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Lussier Dale Parizeau acquires the assets of Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc Inc.

Lussier Dale Parizeau acquires the assets of Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc Inc.

Sorel-Tracy, May 31st, 2019 – André Lussier, President of Lussier Dale Parizeau and Gille LeBlanc, President of Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc are pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc Inc.

“Petrela, Murray, Murray, LeBlanc is an insurance firm with specialized expertise in construction bonding and site insurance. This transaction allows us to consolidate our expertise in this specialized field,” said André Lussier.

This transaction is once again in line with Lussier Dale Parizeau’s vision of growth and development strategy. The company now has more than 850 employees in 29 branches and serves more than 160,000 customers. The firm now totals $475 million in premium volume.

“We are pleased to join Lussier Dale Parizeau’s team and benefit from the wide range of services offered to our clients, which are construction contractors”, added Mr. LeBlanc.

About Lussier Dale Parizeau

Lussier Dale Parizeau is the largest insurance broker in Quebec. It develops solutions for individuals, businesses and professional groups and associations, in property and casualty insurance, group insurance, pension plans, human resources, occupational health and safety and pay equity. Owned by the Lussier family, Lussier Dale Parizeau’s head office is located in Sorel-Tracy.

About Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc Inc.

Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc Inc. is a property and casualty insurance firm and surety advisors with offices in Laval. The company has been providing bonding and construction insurance services to prime contractors for over 25 years.

About Lussier Dale Parizeau:

About Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc Inc.:


André Lussier
President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Lussier Dale Parizeau

Gilles LeBlanc
Petrela, Murray, Leblanc Inc.

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Marketing Director
Lussier Dale Parizeau