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It’s Decided: I’m Buying a Boat!

Connect with a broker
Research Before Buying

Determine your needs and establish your limits. When you go shopping, you will be able to structure your choices and determine the boat that really fits your unique lifestyle.

Set a Budget

Set a reasonable budget that reflects your needs. The choices will be less tedious and more informed. Your bank account will thank you! 

Embrace Variety

If you've ever shopped for a boat, you'll know that there are many options available to you.

Ask yourself these questions to make the right choice:

New or Used Boat

As with the purchase of a car, be aware of the rapid depreciation of the initial value of a new boat. But also consider the costs that may be involved in maintaining a used boat. An inspection can help you determine the exact needs if the boat is several years old.

Quality and Reputation

Quality and reputation come at a price, often associated with the reliability and durability of the boat. It is important to pay attention to this to make sure you have a smooth ride.

Engine Strength

Analyze your needs and anticipate the different uses you and your family will want to make of your new toy. In particular, determine if you need to purchase a boat with the ability to pull a load across the water for water sports.

Sailing Locations

Consider establishing your ambitions in order to make an informed choice.  Do you want to sail only in lakes and rivers, will you go on the river or will you go on the high seas? In the latter case, you should consider buying a motor adapted to salt water.  

Talk to your Insurance Broker

Your insurance broker can provide you with information and advice before you make the final purchase of your chosen boat. There are many options available to you and your broker will help you understand the purpose of boat insurance, the risks covered, the risks excluded and, of course, the cost to properly protect the boat of your dreams.