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Have you Insured your Pool and Hot Tub?

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While home insurance policies automatically cover civil liability on pools and hot tubs, they do not necessarily cover damage caused to the property.

Basic Coverage for your Pool and Spa

You will need to add an endorsement to your home insurance policy to cover damage caused by freezing and thawing as well as the weight of snow and ice.

The endorsement also covers equipment used for pool maintenance, as well as decks and platforms that are attached to the pool, but are not attached to the home. 

It should be noted that certain general exclusions and depreciation may apply. It is therefore important to consult your policy wording or to check with your broker on the nature of these exceptions in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim.

In-ground Pools: A Special Case

Some insurers may cover in-ground pools with the amount of the building. In this case, it is often necessary to increase the amount of reconstruction of your property.

However, you will still have to obtain an endorsement to your home insurance policy for additional coverage, such as freeze and thaw.

Enjoy your pool or spa with your family and friends while Lussier’s expert brokers take care of the rest! 

Happy swimming!