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Flooding in Quebec: Are you Protected?

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The Basic Contract

Basic home insurance policies usually include damage incurred from inside the home. For example, a bath that was never shut off or broken pipes are two situations that are covered by the insurer. Damage caused by unpredictable events, such as lightening or a tree collapsing on the house, are covered… with one exception: flooding from rivers.

Flood Risk Areas

Insurance covers unpredictable events, such as loss of income, vandalism, car accidents, etc. Floods happen to be foreseeable events and the different risk areas are listed. It is therefore not the insurers’ duty to protect the properties located in those zones since damage is inevitable- the amount that owners would subsidize each month would not be enough to compensate insurance companies for the amounts paid in the event of damage.

Additional Protection

As previously mentioned, regardless of the area’s level of risk, basic contracts do not include flood insurance. However, there is an existing clause that you can add if your insurer offers it. It should be noted that high-risk residences are not always eligible for this coverage and, at their own discretion, they may have to be prepared to pay a particularly expensive premium since insurers are aware of the financial risks associated with these zones.

Recourse in the Event of Flooding

Depending on your situation, there are several solutions to flooded properties. It goes without saying that the experience is much easier when the property in question is insured, for the following reason: insurers will guarantee the elimination of any and all damage to your property while government assistance will only minimize the damage. In other words, the financial assistance from an insurance company will be greater than that from the government. It is possible to combine these two financial aids if your insurance coverage is insufficient.


A. You are insured: Simply contact your broker. He will take charge of your situation and provide you with all the documents you need to send him.

B. You are not insured: In the absence of satisfactory home insurance, homeowners can benefit from government assistance that reimburses up to $100,000 of the damage caused. Applicants who wish to benefit from this assistance must meet a series of specific criteria established by the government.

What About your Vehicle?

In the case of your vehicle, if you have comprehensive coverage without collision or rollover, that’s good news! This means that significant water damage is covered and your vehicle will be protected. Remember that flooded vehicles are declared irrecoverable and only certain parts can be reused.

Thus, protecting your property and valuables from bad weather, unforeseeable events and more precisely floods is extremely important. For more information, contact Lussier's home insurance experts today!