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Empty Nesters? Make sure Everyone Has the Right Home Insurance

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Are you about to purchase home insurance for your child? Before you do, review your own home insurance policy: it may cover your dependent child's needs when he leaves home to go away to school, including their home and liability insurance. 

However, there are certain restrictions to these protections.

First, your child must be a full-time student. He or she must be enrolled as a student at an officially recognized institution, such as a CEGEP or university. Their absence from home is considered "temporary".

Furthermore, his or her belongings will be covered for a certain percentage only (usually 10%). For example, if your home covers your personal property for 60 000 $, the student's property would be covered for 6 000 $. 
Of course, policies differ among insurers.

Here are some situations that some insurers may not cover:

  • If your child is no longer a dependent (paying their own taxes);
  • If your child is over 18 years old;
  • If your child lives with a roommate and not all the roommates' names are on the rental agreement;
  • and several other circumstances.

From now on, it will be impossible for you to monitor what time your child comes home... so avoid at least one worry: verify that your insurance protects them adequately!