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Earthquake Insurance

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Quebec is Frequently Shaken

According to Natural Resources Canada, Eastern Canada records nearly 450 earthquakes each year. In Quebec, an earthquake affects the regions of Charlevoix-Kamouraska, Western Quebec and the Bas-Saint-Laurent-Côte-Nord, the most sensitive areas of the province, every five days.

Although these earthquakes are of relatively low magnitude and are not felt most of the time, the risk of them occuring in Quebec is still high. 

What happens to your home when a sudden and strong earthquake hits? 

Insurance for Earthquakes

All home insurance policies include a basic coverage that is automatically included: "Fire, explosion and smoke following an earthquake".  This coverage leads the insured to believe that he or she is covered against earthquakes, when in fact he or she is only covered for damage caused by one of the three situations mentioned above. If the earthquake causes valuables to break or walls to crack in the home, the insured may not be compensated for the losses.

It is therefore advisable, especially for people living in strong earthquake zones, to take out earthquake insurance, which also covers damage caused by ground movements (such as avalanches, landslides or landslides). There are two types of earthquake insurance:

  • Complete coverage
  • À la carte coverage

The insured may choose to cover only his residence, or cover his residence and personal property.

The same protection exists for tenants and will cover their property only. For condominium owners, the insurance will cover their property and leasehold improvements.

The choice of earthquake insurance is up to the insured, but with knowledge of the risks it entails, it is strongly recommended to ask your broker about the best protection solutions.