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Declare your Pet to your Advisor, It’s a Good Idea!

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As another effect of confinement, many households have adopted a pet during the course of the last year. For some, dogs were used a source of entertaintment for children. For others, kitties were their only company. Whatever your reasons for adopting a pet, proper insurance, as well as proper pet care, is essential.

How do I Insure my Dog or Cat?

As more and more companies begin to specialize in pet insurance, only home insurance covers direct damage to animals. So how do we go about it? You simply declare to your insurer that you have a dog, cat or parrot at home! Indeed, home insurance contracts cover pets for certain risks, in case of fire for example.

What if my Pet Causes Damage?

If your dog bites the mailman or your cat damages your neighbor’s property, the civil liability portion of your home insurance policy will protect you. Don’t wait to be pursued: contact your advisor to declare your pet and check the limits and exclusions of your policy.

Some species can be rejected, but not without analyzing their background and knowing their nature.

The Rubber Ball is in your Court

In summary, you can easily declare your pet to your insurer as part of your home insurance. As a pet owner, you are legally responsible for any damage your pet may cause. To save yourself a lot of trouble and high costs due to your pet’s mischief, just be honest and proud to tell us about your faithful companion.