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Commercial Property
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Choose Your Company’s Ally

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Your Broker, Your Added Value

No one invests without first knowing all of the parameters of what they are buying, and your company’s insurance should not be different. Since you will be protected against the unexpected, you must ensure that you have chosen the best option from the range of choices made available to you. You must also understand all the coverages and exclusions in the insurance contract that is offered to you.

This is where a broker specializing in commercial insurance steps in. After seeing multiple companies facing claims and analyzing a large number of insurance contracts, he or she is the person with the most expertise to advise you.

You are the Captain- Your Broker is Your Advisor

You both sail towards the same goal: to get the best protection for your business. You are the captain of the boat and know how she operates better than anyone else. However, during your journey, you will need an experienced advisor with in-depth knowledge to counter any weather conditions in front of you. This person is your commercial insurance broker. Not familiar with the terms being used? Hesitating between two different types of protection? He or she will advise and accompany you through the entirety of the process.

Choose Your Advisor Before Choosing an Insurance Policy

It is always best to choose a good advisor before venturing into uncharted territory. He or she can save you a lot of trouble, and that’s exactly what a broker offers you. Your relationship with them is essential since they will be with you in the long term. It is important to develop mutual trust since they will see the evolution of your company and will be able to adjust your insurance portfolio accordingly.

Keep your Broker Informed

Bad weather on the horizon? A change in the company’s structure? A breakthrough abroad? Your broker needs to know all pertinent information to ensure that you are covered after a change. Who would like to open a new branch and then not be compensated when the plumbing goes wrong? No one. It is therefore important that communication remains open and fluid.

Finally, an insurance broker will have access to several insurance companies and contract options, which makes his offer more diversified and advantageous for you. Contact us for a personalized quote suited to your situation!