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General Liability
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Understanding the Different Protections Available for your Business

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Do you have a business? If so, you certainly have assets, a building, equipment. Perhaps you even use motor vehicles and store goods. All these assets form your assets.

Have you considered that, just like your personal home, these assets are vulnerable in case of fire, theft, etc.? In addition, you could be sued by a third party for bodily injury or material damage.

Taking out insurance for each of the possible risks can help your business stay on track. 

Understanding the Primary Types of Business Insurance
Commercial Property Insurance It covers, among other things, your building, your goods, equipment, tools, goods in transport. Of course, these protections must be adapted to your industry.
Commercial Vehicle Insurance It covers your commercial motor vehicles, trucks, delivery vehicles, and even your agricultural fleet. 
Civil Liability Insurance Probably one of the most important of all, it protects you against the pursuit of a third party for bodily injury or property damage for which you could be held responsible. Even if a lawsuit seems unfounded, the cost of defending yourself could be high! 
Professional Liability Insurance Several coverages exist to allow business owners to protect themselves against the consequences of error, fault, negligence, etc., during the course of their work. Error and omission, Directors and officers insurance are part of this category of protection and are unfortunately sometimes looked over. 

There are a multitude of other risks that each maintain their own coverage. Malpractice, umbrella, surety, cyber fraud, revenue loss, etc.

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