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Environmental Responsibility
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A Business’s Responsibility for Environmental Protection

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But where does your company stand?

Do you manage a fleet of trucks with spill risks or a printing company working with chemicals? Are you doing what it takes to limit your impact on the environment?

An Environmental Permit

In fact, as you are carrying out an activity that may result in the emission, deposit, release or discharge of contaminants into the environment or a change in the quality of the environment, you are required to obtain an environmental permit. This law specifically targets the following sectors:

  • Agricultural
  • Hydric and natural
  • Industrial
  • Nordic
  • Using pesticides
  • Water treatment
  • Environmental operator
  • Transportation and cargo
  • Industrial development in protected areas

Your business may also be subject to the environmental impact assessment and review procedure (available in French only) and be subject to a specific authorization process, for example:

Accreditations (FR)

Your company may need to have its test methods and technical records evaluated in order to obtain recognition of its competence.

Air and Climate Change (FR)

Several programs have been put in place to control air quality and combat climate change. You must meet the requirements imposed in these respects.

Water (FR)

Several laws and regulations govern the protection of aquatic ecosystems and the management of water use. Before setting up a business or exploiting water resources, it is necessary to obtain the authorizations prescribed in the legal framework. The declaration to the national inventory of polluting discharges is also required.

Energy (FR)

Each field of energy activity in Quebec has its own standards and rules to respect: oil and natural gas, hydroelectricity, wind energy, shale gas, etc.

Residual Materials (FR)

Several laws and regulations govern the management of residual materials such as biomedical waste, hazardous materials, non-hazardous materials and pesticides.

Contaminated Land (FR)

If you own contaminated land, you may be required to decontaminate and remediate the land, ensure groundwater quality and assess health risks.

Exercise Caution With the Right Protection

Protecting the environment is a major issue in today's society. This is why at Lussier, liability coverage, including environmental liability insurance, is part of our business landscape. You may even consider it to be a fundamental element of your risk management program.

Protect the planet and don't forget to protect your business from the risks associated with activities that can cause pollution and cost you in claims!