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Avoiding Boat Theft

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Boat theft should be understood in the broadest sense of the word: it includes the theft of certain parts of the boat, such as the engine, as well as the complete disappearance of the boat.

Here are some simple methods to dissuade thieves:

  1. When your boat is on a trailer, install an anti-theft lock (sometimes called a "lock") made of ductile iron and stainless steel, materials that are difficult to alter. The use of locks may be required by some insurers, without which theft will not be covered.
  2. For speedboats, add an anti-theft device to the motor.
  3. Whenever possible, park your boat in a safe, locked area and park another vehicle in front of it.
  4. Theft of removable items, such as flotation jackets, is common. Place them in a safe place, such as in a car, leaving nothing in plain sight.
  5. When your boat is in a marina or during a stopover (at a gas station for example), it is more vulnerable to theft. Focus on prevention!
  6. As with your car, mark your boat and all its parts. Discover more about this technique.
  7. Finally, use a tracking system to locate your boat if necessary.

With these few precautions, you should be able to protect yourself against theft of your boat and its accessories.