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6 Ways to Save Big on your Insurance Costs

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1. Combine your Policies

Often, in insurance, putting all your eggs in one basket can be beneficial. Most insurers offer discounts if you combine your home and car insurance under the same roof. Some may even provide you with additional coverage at no cost. 

2. Groups and Associations

Let your broker know if you are a member of a professional group or association! Lussier partners with an extensive list of groups and associations in Quebec and designs exclusive protection programs at discounted rates! 

3. Your Job and Employer

Did you know that certain job categories are eligible for discounts? The same is true for certain employers and for people at the retirement stage of life. It is therefore important to notify your insurance representative as soon as your job situation changes. 

4. Your Education Level

Are you a college or university student? Do you have a university degree and are you working in your field of study? You could be eligible for discounts. 

5. Your Car's Mileage

Have you declared more annual mileage than you actually drive? Many insurers determine premiums based on the number of kilometers declared. Average out what you actually drive and declare a number that represents your reality. 

6. Increase your Deductibles

Would you make a claim if you had a loss of less than 1 000 $? If you answer no and your deductibles are below that amount, raise them: you could save big. 

Call your insurance broker at least once a year to discuss any life changes that could help you save on your insurance!