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4 Ways to Make your Move Easier

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1) Address Changes 

Compile a list of all the organizations you need to notify of your change of address (Hydro-Quebec, Revenue Canada, employer, bank, internet and telephone provider...)

To make your life easier, fill out the formulaire du Service Québécois de changement d’adresse, which will forward the information to 7 participating ministries and organizations such as RRQ, Revenu Québec, SAAQ or RAMQ. 

Finally, notify Canada Post and its mail forwarding service for a transition period. 

2) Sort, Evaluate, Pack
  • Clean out the house: Sort out the things you no longer need. Then hold a garage sale or donate the items you no longer use to a community organization. You will be grateful to not have so many boxes to move!  
  • Make an inventory of your belongings and determine their value: This is a tedious exercise, but it is very useful for establishing the exact value of the goods to be insured with your insurance broker, to be reimbursed properly in the event of a burglary or claim.  
  • Don't wait until the last minute to pack your boxes: You can find moving/empty cardboard boxes at major retailers, or even your work! Start by packing your less essential items, i.e. items that you dont use on a daily basis, such as christmas decorations and books. Remember that you will eventually need to carry these boxes, so make sure that they don’t get too heavy. 
3) Get Some Helping Hands

Between family, friends and moving companies, optons for moving help are endless. Some might cost a pizza and a few beers, others a few hundred dollars. Combining the 2 could be an ideal solution!   

Beyond the cost, consider professionalism and security. Not all of your friends may be able and equipped to carry a fridge up a spiral staircase. Call on professionals and make sure they are registered with the Commission des transports du Québec.

4) Call your Insurance Broker

Contact your insurance broker to inform them of your new address and to review your insurance policy. 

If you're moving in a few days, let your broker know that your belongings will be in two different locations during this short period. 

If you're moving as a couple for the first time, make sure that both names are on your insurance policy. Otherwise, only the belongings of the person listed on the policy will be insured. Also, liability coverage will only apply to the person insured.

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