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Staffing – Effectively Selecting and Recruiting Top Talent

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In a rapidly evolving market, mobilizing a dedicated and productive workforce can be challenging. Employers are dependent on their human resources to ensure their success.

In a competitive environment, where the search for new talent can be challenging, organizations of all sizes need human resource policies and programs to attract, retain and mobilize human capital.

Whether for a search strategy, pre-selection or employment offer, our team of human resources consultants can help you build your future.

Staffing Consulting Services

As a first step, the research strategy is divided into three interrelated phases:

  • understanding the position to be filled, its environment and its challenges;
  • obtaining a clear picture of the characteristics and requirements of the ideal candidate;
  • identifying the best ways to make the position known to our target audience and agreeing on the various environments where we could directly solicit quality candidates.

At this stage, we ensure that you are presented with a limited selection of candidates that we have selected among several applicants and with whom we have conducted an initial structured interview using our interview framework. We substantiate our pre-selection with a neutral interview report that will allow you to identify the candidate(s) you wish to meet and see continue the selection process.

The purpose of the job interview is to enable you to assess the suitability of the candidate’s professional and personal characteristics with the environment offered by your organization, and the requirements of the position to be filled. At this stage, you will benefit from all the information gathered during the pre-selection stage, namely the interview report that presents the candidate’s academic and professional background, his or her main achievements, as well as a summary of our pre-selection interview. If you wish, we can also take part in the interview with you.

With the candidate’s written consent, we conduct a criminal background check, complete a credit investigation and consult bankruptcy files. In addition, we also ensure a detailed analysis of the candidate’s digital identity.

As part of a selection process, the psychometric test measures a person’s logical, verbal and numerical abilities through various tests of logic, observation and reflection. It allows you to consider an additional objective criterion for the selection of a candidate.

As part of our recruitment service or as an individual product, we provide our clients with a detailed report of the references of the successful candidate. We ensure that we speak directly with superiors, colleagues or employees who have worked with the candidate over the past few years and who are able to attest to the candidate’s experiences, accomplishments, interpersonal relationships, as well as his or her main personality traits. This type of 360 study allows us to add an additional point of view prior to the decision to proceed with a job offer.

Using the job offer template we have developed, we adapt to your internal policies to produce a letter of offer. This includes not only the conditions of employment offered to the candidate but also, when required, various notions relating to other conditions such as confidentiality requirements, intellectual property, signing your code of ethics or even the acceptance of conditions of use of your computer network.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding Staffing.