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Online Request for PAXI Members

Discover the different types of coverage available, and we will guide you to the one that best suits your needs! 

General Information of the Taxi Owner
Insurance Coverages Requested


Vehicle liability insurance – $2,000,000
Option #1 : Chapitre B1 - All risks (including accident with collision and all damage to the vehicle other than the collision)
Option #2 : Chapitre B3 - Accident without collision without payment (includes all damage to the vehicle other than the at-fault collision)
Information on Taxi
Do you have a GPS tax call dispatch system?
Does the vehicle have 3 batteries or more?
Is the vehicle modified for paratransit?
Do you have a POS (credit card modem)?
Is the vehicle used 100% for the taxi?
Are there any advertising signs on the vehicle?
Driver's Declaration (if different from owner)
Has the SAAQ added any conditions to your license, such as wearing glasses?
Have you been involved as an owner or user of a motor vehicle taxi, in any claim(s), with or without indemnity, in the last 4 years.
Have you been convicted or disqualified from driving as a motor vehicle operator under the Highway Traffic Act or the Criminal Code in the past 3 years
Has your driver's license been suspended or revoked in the last 5 years?
Do you or any member of your household have a criminal record?
Are you the only driver driving this vehicle?
Do you have drivers under the age of 25?
Information on your current insurer
Has an insurer cancelled your policy or refused to renew it
Important Notes

The insurance that may result from the above declarations is subject to the provisions and clauses of the Quebec automobile insurance policy (Q.P.F. no. 1).

By submitting this form, I authorize and request any current and former insurer and/or employer to provide Northbridge Insurance Company and its agents with a detailed list of claims that have occurred as well as all other information, personal or others, relevant to the formation, execution and monitoring of this contract.

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