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Motorcycle Insurance: Explore the Roads with Peace of Mind

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When you buy a motorcycle, it is essential to have a civil liability clause to prevent damage to others or their property. It is essential to take several factors into account when shopping for protection:

  • The brand of your motorcycle
  • The capacity of its engine
  • Your driving experience
  • Your age
  • Your gender

The price of insurance can vary according to these different aspects. It is also important to assess your needs regarding the use of your equipment and consider additional protections such as compensation without depreciation in the event of partial or total loss or coverage for accessories, chrome and equipment.

Plan your Trips in Advance

If you plan to explore outside the province and more specifically the United States, it is important to notify your broker. You will then have to increase the amount of your civil liability to be adequately protected in the event of an accident. It is also advisable to check the number of days for which you are covered if you are travelling. If your stay exceeds this coverage, ask your broker to increase the period covered by the contract.

In addition, if you often travel long distances, choose comprehensive roadside assistance. This will allow you to obtain the support of mechanical experts when you travel.

Be Careful

Even if you have a complete contract and are an experienced driver, take steps to be more cautious about the various contingencies associated with the purchase of a motorcycle. When you finally get your dream machine or motorcycle, think of a safe place to store it in both summer and winter and bring equipment to prevent theft such as chains and a lock and an alarm. Also, exercise extra caution when driving and do not neglect your safety and that of others.

Enjoying the road this summer is easy! Take advantage of Lussier's experts to obtain protection adapted to your outings. Contact us today for a complete and personalized follow-up!