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Corporate Health
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Lussier Obtains HEALTHY ENTERPRISE Certification

At Lussier, the health of our employees is our most valuable asset. Given that our mission is to find the best way to protect the human and financial assets of our clients, the organization first and foremost must ensure that its human assets (its employees) are happy and healthy. 

Last year, a "health shift" was achieved through interventions aimed at wellness. Notably, the completion of our 1st edition of the Grand Défi Entreprise - Pierre Lavoie was a great mobilizing event for our employees amongst other health initiatives. 

Over the next year, the committee responsible for bringing this standard to life within the organization will implement two initiatives that will be carried out based on the needs expressed by employees following a data collection exercise involving the four spheres inherent in the standard: Lifestyle, Work-Life Balance, Work Environment and Management Practices. 

Lussier has adopted a prevention-based approach to health and wellness. The success of such an approach relies essentially on the commitment of management, the involvement of managers and the motivation of employees towards the same corporate culture. All members of the organization are united around this organizational philosophy aligned with our values.