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Insurance for ACOP Members

Build peace of mind with Lussier’s legal insurance designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of private practicing guidance counsellors in Quebec. Benefit from unlimited legal assistance and more!

  • Complete legal information in ethics
  • Financial assistance in case of litigation
  • Confidential service
  • Toll-free line
  • Protection tailored to your reality
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As an ACOP member, you can subscribe to legal protection in matters of ethics and discipline.

This protection, called Legal Insurance, gives you access to legal assistance by telephone, but also to financial aid to help you protect and enforce your rights in these matters.

Details and examples here.

The information you provide in this online form will be used as the basis for issuing your insurance certificate. The annual insurance premium associated with legal insurance is 150$.

Please note that you can contact one of our certified brokers for advice, questions or additional information at 1 855-587-7437 #Poste: 13026.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive the documentation related to your insurance policy by email in the next few days, provided that you meet the underwriting criteria of the insurer.

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