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Surety Insurance
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Installation Risk Insurance Against Theft on Construction Sites

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That's why installation risk insurance has become a necessity. 

Often required by the general contractor, this insurance protects you against all risks, subject to certain exclusions, that may result in the loss of the materials you install on a given project. The materials are covered as long as you have an insurable interest, from the time they are delivered (including transportation) until the work is commissioned or, depending on the contract, until the work is accepted. Note that your tools must be covered by insurance specific to them.

The labor to reinstall the materials is also covered by this insurance. As for the amount of coverage, it obviously depends on the scope of the work that each contractor undertakes.

Note that while this coverage is essential for small and medium-sized contractors, it is not suitable for them if they are involved in large-scale or long-term projects. In that case, a worksite insurance is necessary.

Lussier’s construction experts can help provide you with the right coverage to protect your business and worksite!