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Group Insurance – Full Coverage, Total Protection

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At Lussier, we can help you build a personalized, low-cost group insurance program focused on prevention and the long-term well-being of your employees.

Our expertise in group insurance is well established. We put our knowledge at the service of your company in order to design a turnkey insurance plan that respects both your financial objectives and long-term strategy. Our experienced team will analyze your insurance plan in order to propose advantageous solutions that meet your needs and those of your employees. Our advisors will accompany you in the implementation of your plan and provide you with the support you need throughout the year. Your program is an essential component of your total rewards package- it improves your employees’ perception of value, helps reduce absenteeism and helps you to recruit and retain the best talent.

Group Insurance Consulting Services

A crucial step for you and your employees, the choice of a group insurance partner should not be taken lightly.

Implementing a communication strategy and tools to promote the benefits and protections offered to your employees.

  • Review of the methodology used against industry best practices
  • Negotiation of projection and adjustment factors
  • Analysis of the use of the plan and impacts on pricing
  • And more
  • Optimizing drug consumption
  • Disability Management Best Practice
  • Communication and Health Promotion
  • Assessment of business and employee needs
  • Customization of the plan with various levels of flexibility
  • Communication to employees and coaching of the plan sponsor
  • In a context where the management of absences resulting from a disability is one of the greatest challenges facing employers, we offer complete management and handling of disability cases.
  • Experts will take the time to accurately and proactively evaluate your files in order to establish a management plan for each file in anticipation of a sustainable return to work.
  • In this type of service, we act as a third party, which fosters a climate of trust between you and your employees. You therefore benefit from our knowledge while keeping your costs under control.
  • Analysis of the appropriate type of financial agreement (insured plan, self-insured, retention) to minimize costs in the short, medium and long term
  • Benchmarking the plan against its industry and ensuring that it is up to date in terms of products and benefits
  • Negotiation of advantageous financial conditions

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding Group Insurance.