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Golf: The Winning Shot?

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The Principle of the Hole-in-One Insurance

Hole-in-One Insurance provides a great prize for the participant who plays a specific hole-in-one at your golf tournament. The sponsor pays an insurance premium equal to a fraction of the prize amount. If a player successfully completes the hole-in-one, your insurer will cover the cost of the prize.

This is ideal for:

  • A company that wants to get great visibility
  • A charity that wants to attract a large number of participants to its fundraiser
  • A local event organizer who wants to keep costs reasonable

Imagine the excitement of the tournament where the participant has a chance to win 10,000 $ or a car!

Your Tournament Will Be One to Remember

Well, okay, it's really exciting... But are there really any winners? Well, yes! For the skeptics who are wondering, the hole-in-one really does make people happy. 

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