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Discovering Quebec on your ATV: Adventure Awaits!

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Luckily for you, Quebec has an abundance of marked trails for you and your new 4-wheeler to discover.

Let’s explore some of your options.

5 ATV Destinations in Quebec you Shouldn’t Miss in the Fall

In Mauricie

Try one of the many breathtaking four wheel drive tours (website available in french only) solo or an organized tour to discover the Mauricie region with a good dose of adrenaline.

In the Laurentians

Forests, lakes and mountains will surround you throughout your quad adventure in the Laurentians. Join one of the 8 regional clubs formed by ATV enthusiasts just like you!

In Charlevoix

300 km of marked trails and many magnificent viewpoints (website available in french only) await you in the Charlevoix region. Leave from Saint-Hilarion or the Sand Lake ZEC for an unforgettable excursion.

In Gaspésie

3000 kilometers of incredible trails to explore during summer and winter: a quad rider’s dream! 

In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Visit the fjord differently; explore over 200 kilometers of trails on an ATV(website available in french only)

Before Hitting the Trails

Before setting off, make sure that:

  • Your ATV is in good working condition
  • You have your helmet and gear, and that they are also in good condition
  • You know your route well
  • You are aware of your trail’s daily condition
  • You have access rights (website available in french only) for your chosen trail

Be sure to carry the following items with you on your expeditions, as a police officer or trail patrolman may ask you for them:

  • Registration certificate
  • Proof of liability insurance of at least 1,000,000 $ (minimum amount increased from 500,000 $ to 1,000,000 $ in December 2020)
  • Identification
  • Certificate of competency to operate an ATV
  • Driver’s license (mandatory at all times, on public roads and off-road trails, since September 2021)
What about Winter?

Even though your winter trail privileges begin on November 1, the winter trails are probably not yet open. In order for them to be open, there must be enough snow for the machines to pass and proper signage for your safety.

Where can I ride my ATV in the fall while waiting for winter? Four-season trails that are not closed for hunting can usually accommodate you. Before you head out, check to see which trails are open by consulting the Fédération québécoise des clubs quad (FQCQ)’s interactive map

Because we care about your safety at Lussier, we obviously encourage you to be cautious during all seasons. Keep to the right on the trails, wear your helmet, buckle up if you are driving a side-by-side vehicle and respect the speed limits.

Do you need ATV insurance before you hit the trails? If so, we’re here to guide you!